Our Approach

Our Approach

Sound Support for a Successful Future

We believe that two relationships are vital to the investment process: the relationship between risk and return and the relationship between client and advisor. We make both the heart of our practice and the foundation on which we build your unique portfolio.

At Bass and Bell Inc., we design investment portfolios from the ground up based on your unique tolerance for risk and expectation of return. Working collaboratively, we will help you understand your overall asset allocation, your investment options and our recommendations, and then build a strategy that can support you as you grow into the future.

Our investment management process centers on first helping you understand risk, and then carefully building and balancing each tier of your total investment pyramid.


Our Process:

Following a process structured to encourage sound, sure decision-making, we create investment management strategies and build portfolios designed to achieve our clients’ near-term and lifetime goals while carefully managing the influence of risk on their success.



In order to know who you are as an investor, we must understand your thoughts, feelings, goals and concerns regarding your money.  We will get to know your current situation, present needs and future goals, and help you understand your true tolerance for risk.  This will allow us to build your unique investment strategy.



We will apply our extensive knowledge of finance to construct your investment pyramid; a portfolio built around your long term goals and designed to carefully balance your individual expectations of risk and return.



We will then fully and clearly explain each recommendation and communicate our overall approach.  After making any necessary refinements based on your review, we will move forward with allocating and investing your portfolio.



Our final step is an ongoing one. As developments in your life or in the markets change the scope of your goals or needs, we will make adjustments to your portfolio to account for those new goals or changing circumstances. We will regularly schedule meetings for this purpose, but we look forward to consistent communication with our clients regarding all aspects of their lives!