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The Investment Pyramid

Strength from Simplicity

When constructing – and, more importantly, maintaining – a successful investment portfolio, a fundamentally simple strategy is often the best, even for the most sophisticated needs. Drawing inspiration from the timeless simplicity and stability of an architectural marvel, we build portfolios from the ground up – with broad foundations to support higher goals.

The height of a pyramid is directly related to the breadth of its base. By borrowing the shape and the principle, we allocate across asset tiers to create a customized portfolio while making certain that risk is defined and appropriate relative to your Investment Policy Statement. For clients who are focused on preservation, this pyramid will have a vast base of lower-risk investments. Should you desire higher returns, assets will be directed to create a taller peak of more aggressive investments.

Whatever your focus, we will design your investment pyramid to reflect your unique goals, time horizon and risk tolerance, adjusting its shape over time to adapt to a changing market and your changing life.